Johnsonville Community Centre

About us


In 1974 the Wellington City Council handed the old Johnsonville Town Board building to their community services section as a centre for the residents of the northern suburbs. Various craft groups, clubs, child care and classes quickly latched on to the joyful hub of community activity that was forming. It became obvious in the late eighties that there was a need for a bigger and better centre than the old Board building and in 1989 a redevelopment committee was established. The group worked tirelessly to raise funds and develop plans for the new centre. Local service groups and businesses, the Wellington City Council and many community fundraisers managed to raise the $1.7million needed for the new centre. The brand new Johnsonville Community Centre opened in 1995, half of the money had been raised by the generous community. The rounded architectural design of the centre reflects the surrounding hills and unique environment of Johnsonville. People now gather in the centre for all sorts of educational, social, cultural and business needs. Johnsonville Community Centre has become a valuable and bustling part of the community.



To be a safe and friendly meeting place where the community can work together and meet social, cultural and educational needs.


The Centre is responsive to our community’s learning and socialising, and that assistance be given to those who need it to meet these goals. To actively seek courses and activities to hold within the Centre and enhance the lives of those living in the community.


  • To be welcoming to the community
  • To use assets effectively
  • To expand community use of the Centre
  • To maintain a high standard of services and facilities.

Room Details

We have a variety of rooms suited to anywhere from 10 to 200 people. All rooms are equipped with whiteboards and electric or gas heating. TV, VCR and DVD data projectors and OHPs are available for hire.

Room No.
Frankmoore Avenue
 up to 40
40 chairs, 5 tables, heat pump, gas wall heater, pull down
screen, fixed whiteboard, shared kitchen facilities
Downstairs Frankmoore Avenue
up to 15
15 chairs, 3 tables, mobile whiteboard, 2 electric fan wall
heaters, shared kitchen facilities
Downstairs Frankmoore Avenue
up to 10
10 chairs, 2 tables, electric fan wall heater, fixed whiteboard,
shared kitchen facilities
Downstairs Frankmoore Avenue
up to 50
50 chairs, 6 tables, heat pump, gas heater, pull down screen,
mobile whiteboard, shared kitchen facilities
Upstairs Frankmoore Avenue
up to 40
40 chairs, 5 tables, heat pump, gas wall heater, pull down
screen, fixed whiteboard, tea and coffee making facilities
Trust Room (Six)
Moorefield Road
up to 70
70 chairs, 12 tables, 2 heat pumps, electronic whiteboard,
Main Hall
Moorefield Road
up to 200
220 chairs, 28 tables, 2 gas wall heaters,sound system available
for hire, kitchen

The shared kitchen in the meeting room complex has a fridge, freezer, microwave, domestic oven and domestic dishwasher. The kitchen in the main hall has a commercial dishwasher, small under bench fridge, microwave, domestic oven, and a pie warmer – some plates can be provided on request. The kitchen in the trust room has a small under bench fridge and domestic oven. All kitchens have boiling water, teapots, coffee mugs and tea towels for use.


The Centre is run by a Voluntary Management Committee elected by the community at the annual general meeting held in April each year. The Management Committee is responsible for governance and policy issues and acts as the employer for the paid staff who are responsible for the daily running of the Community Centre. The owner of the Community Centre building is the Wellington City Council. Management of the Centre is undertaken by the Johnsonville Community Centre Inc. The current Chairperson is Eric Batten. If you wish to speak to Eric about any matters relating to the Centre (other than reservations) please phone the Centre (04) 478 8628. For all bookings please contact the Centre staff.

Community Centre Staff

The coordinator is to provide management and administrative services as required by the Management Committee to ensure effective and efficient operation of the Centre. Jan Pike has been the Johnsonville Community Centre’s coordinator since June 1989 and was a key member of the redevelopment committee responsible for the planning and establishment of the current Community Centre. Jan has lived in the Northern Suburbs since 1970, having moved here from Dunedin, and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her position.

The administrator is to provide account management and administrative services as required by the Management Committee to ensure effective and efficient operation of the Centre. Debbie Avison has been the Community Centre’s Administration Officer since April 2015 and has been a Newlands resident since 1987. In addition to the coordinator and administrator positions the Community Centre is staffed by an assistant coordinator and a caretaker/cleaner.